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Massage Services And Rates


Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage includes massage of the neck, back, shoulder, arms, hands, feet, face and head as time allows.  This massage incorporates a gentle soothing touch interspersed with firmer strokes to promote relaxation, increase circulation and ease sore and tight muscles.

Approx. time:    30 min. -  $45

                             45 min. -  $55                                                                                  

                             1 Hour -   $65     

                             1.5 Hour - $80                    

Prenatal Massage

Reduce low back pain and leg cramps, improve sleep and decrease fluid retention while letting go of stress and tension.  Massage is a valuable addition to prenatal care for women at any stage of pregnancy.  Each massage is customized to your body's changes and needs.
* Schedule a prenatal massage each month during your pregnancy and receive $10 discount each month *
Approx. time:  1 Hour -  $70


Combine massage AND a Pilates Reformer stretch with each session.  Get all the benefits from a regular full body massage but then also benefit with some light stretching to further relax those muscles.  This session will also deepen your understanding for the Pilates principles of efficient movements while in good postural alignment as you strengthen your core, and increase your strength and flexibility.

Approx. time:  1.5 Hour - $95


Birthday Discount

Schedule a massage during your birthday week and receive $10 off!